Thursday, March 24, 2011

Notes and Thoughts

QRF West Germans Have Arrived!

Okay, first, I really need to set down and take some bloody pictures of some of my recent aquisitions, particularly the Cold War era West Germans from Quick Reaction Force.  After receiving my first West German order (command, MG3s, Panzerfaust, and infantry armed with G3s) I decided to add a few more "extras" to the mix.  I needed to get UZI-armed troops for close quarter work, a couple of Marder 1A1s for transport (the Fuchs would have been a better choice for a vehicle that might have been deployed for a special unit, but the Fuchs didn't enter service until after the time period I have in mind), snipers (the TO&E I have for the West Germans has a G3 with scope armed infantryman within each "fireteam", so scoped weapons were a must), and a news media team to report back on the nasty doings the unit is involved in, those shameless western troops repressing third worlders!

I WILL get pictures going soon, starting with the bare metal Krauts and then pics of various stages of completion as I work on them.  I am going to use my standard Ambush Alley mounting system, meaning 20mm round bases for leaders and 15mm round bases for other types.  I use the 1.5mm thick bases from Litko.  They are thick enough to hold onto without making the figures tower above the surrounding terrain.

Kerr and King

With the passing of the Deimos Design Studio owner, I have been looking for other sources of 15mm Middle Eastern buildings, with hollow interiors and lift-off roofs.  Well, I have found some sources, one being Kerr and King from Old Blighty.  I have an order in for a few buildings (one large, two medium, and one small) and courtyards (one for each building), as the latter aspect is sorely lacking within my current setup and a very common feature in the mid-east. 

There is also the buildings from Najewitz Modelbau that look intriguing, but their prices are pushing towards that Miniature Building Authority range.  Perhaps if the Kerr and King buildings blend with with the Deimos ones, I'll order a Najewitz building or two as well.  But, with Kerr and Kerr added into the Deimos buildings I already have, I will be able to place quite a few structures (a dozen or so) on my terrain tiles.  I am using a three foot square gaming area instead of the two foot square as suggested in the Ambush Alley rules, just seems to look better.

Ironclad Miniatures

Still waiting on the 20mm shanties and walls I've ordered from Ironclad.  It's been nearly two months.  According to the owner, he's had some issues of late (a recent move and a computer virus), and he assures me that my four shanties and wall sections are on their way.  I certainly hope so!  He's had some bad press recently on The Miniatures Page and needs to make things right for some folks, including me!

I think I will be able to use the shanties in both the Caribbean and Asia, double duty always being a good thing.

Update - I received my Ironclad order today, and the owner added in an extra shanty as an apology for the delay!
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