Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ambush Alley - Contracting Trouble Pics

We had a quick game of Ambush Alley Friday night at the Buzkrieger bunker (Cincinnati) with a few of the Buzkrieger boys along for their first taste of AA (they mostly do WWII microarmor).  The G Dog brought his 25mm setup, using Battlefield Evolution figures.  The insurgents came away with a fairly convincing win, even after being down to just a few figures on the board.  The Marines simply could not get to the contractors quick enough before the insurgents received reinforcements in key areas.  Fog of war played a bit of a part in this one, a building was determined to be on fire, which channeled one of the Marine fire teams towards a Haji hotspot.  That fire team was able to securely move into a building, only to be close assaulted by a ten figure Haji force.  The insurgents lost a few figures from Marine fire, but were able to pass their morale check and swarm the Devil Dogs, eventually killing two and capturing two.  On the other flank the two Marine fire teams were having a hard time getting around a fifteen figure insurgent group, but one that had no leader, and after failing three troop quality checks, that force was finally shot up and bypassed.  But again, another insurgent force came into play just in time to secure a commanding position near the SUV.

We still struggle with some of the interruption/reaction sequence, and cannot determine that after all Marine units have moved and fired that if they can react again to insurgents who have not previously taken an action.  It did not help that I had a copy of the rules that were of a later version than The G Dog, so finding the same sections at times was interesting as the page numbers were not the same for the two versions at hand (and I had a third version from a PDF download that was yet again different).  But, overall, I think we are enjoying the feel and ease of play of the game.




  1. Tastes even better the second time. Our Marine players were rookies at Ambush Alley, but did well for their first outing. Darryl's improbably successful assault with a mob of leaderless insurgents tipped the balance of a close game into a loss for the Marines.

  2. Hey, I recognize those buildings! I even built the balsa ones for Sword and the Flame back in the '80s! They've also been used for Desperado. Looks like a great game.


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