Monday, June 6, 2011

Shanty Time!

Here we go again, some incredible buildings being constructed for me from the same chap mentioned in previous posts! This time we have shanties and some miscellaneous parts he is adding in.  Super work!  These are 15mm structures, with lift off roofs, and will be used for both Middle Eastern and African settings.  Add these to my existing structures (Deimos Design Studio and Kerr and King), these shanties, the mosque, and L'Hotel de Somalia will give me one kick arse Ambush Alley terrain display!  Even though I decided to go with a three foot by three foot board instead of the standard two foot square that Ambush Alley suggests for 15mm, filling the larger board will be no issue, depending on the setting location, because all of these structures I will have to use.  Add in the pieces from The Terrain Guy and Battlefield Architect and *BAM*, I have an easy to set up and great looking game!

So, just waiting for the paint jobs to be completed and my new toys mailed to me!  Okay, let the drooling begin:


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