Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New (Old) RAFM Sci-Fi Vehicles

After doing some searching on the good ole world wide web, I had come across a few references to some grav tanks and APCs that RAFM used to offer on their website within the last few years.  I believe, based on what I can gather, these are old Martian Metal vehicles, which, if true, amazes me considering how poorly the Striker (Traveller) Martian Metal infantry looked. 

RAFM pulled these vehicles because many gamers thought the costs to be too high and they were getting some negative PR.  However, I asked about the availibility of these vehicles on the RAFM forum recently, and Smiley, RAFM person extraordinaire, has made these castings available again to the 15mm sci-fi community.

One can buy a grav tank, a four vehicle grav tank platoon, a grav skiff, a grav APC, and a grav APC interior.  Prices range from $5.95 for the APC interior to $80.00 for the grav tank platoon.  The APC interior appears to be a resin casting.

Now, in an effort to not be accused of being a sock puppet, I do agree that these vehicles are rather expensive, about twice as costly (or more) than comparible resin offerings from other companies.  But, these are also some fairly large pieces of metal, and to be honest, the grav tank design is rather kick butt and fits to my thinking what a high tech level grav tank should look like.

So, perhaps wait for a sale to save a few bucks, or bite the bullet and buy a few at full price.  The more sales we generate for RAFM the more likely they are to expand upon their offerings.

Grav tank
Grav skiff

Grav APC
Grav APC interior
Pictures from RAFM's website.

1 comment:

  1. They are really nice designs. I don't think the price is so out of line either... for what they are.
    I've certainly spent more for less (my addiction to OOP Citadel and Confrontation minis).
    Also, there are some GZG tanks that would fit in with these as well... letting you bulk out a varied/larger force.


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