Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Purchases = New Ideas = New Purchases....

Picture from Eureka Miniatures USA website
For quite some time I have thought about buying some Eureka Miniatures Sci-Fi Germans, not because I need them for any existing project, and not because I am running low on figures to paint, but by God, they are COOL minis and I just WANT them!  Sculpted with a classic coal kettle style helmet (aka Fritz), and armed with SturmGewehr 44 looking assault rifles for the riflemen, they just look COOL!  Many times over the last several months I have gone to the Eureka USA site and added them to the shopping cart, only to talk myself out of sealing the deal.  I just keep thinking "what am I going to use these for?", and then decide against buying them.  That was until last week.  I finally pulled the trigger and completed an order with Eureka USA.  By the way, I placed my order on a Friday and had the figures on Monday, DAMN good service from Rob at Eureka USA!  Anyway, I wound up buying figures to create two eleven man squads along with support elements (LAW team, auto cannon, and a sniper team).  Got my package in the post, ripped open the box, and was simply blown away by the quality of these figures.  Seemingly there are many companies out there now cranking out some high quality 15mm infantry.  A true golden age I believe.

So, many of you know I have been busy selling gaming items here on the blog, on the Bazaar page.  This flux of cash (PayPal cash, but cash nonetheless) has given me some extra coin to pick up some ultralight backpacking gear for a big trip to Isle Royale later this year.  But, I also am using some of this influx of PayPal cash to expand some of the Ambush Alley/Force on Force/Tomorrow's War "stuff" I have been slowly gathering.  And, as mentioned previously, I've been playing a lot of X-COM on the home PC, and that gives me some gaming ideas as well.

Why the Eureka Germans?  They obviously do not fit with anything else I have going on, but I can see them in an X-COM-like setting, shooting Greys on Mars or something.  Wait, so, I need Greys then, yes?  Why yes, yes I do!  I have ordered aliens from both Rebel Minis (their Greys) and Khurasan Miniatures (their Little Green Men).  From Rebel I picked up two packs of armed and one pack of unarmed Greys, along with a Mini Martian Walker for heavy support.  From Khurasan I bought one pack of Martian Warriors, one Martian Overlord, a Martian Flying Saucer, and various terrain accessories (sci-fi furnishings, computers, desks, along with steel drums and trash receptables for both sci-fi and modern gaming).  I have also picked up some buildings made by Micropanzer Wargames Studio.  These sci-fi buildings (I have six now) will work great on their own, or perhaps to supplement the Deimos Design middle eastern buildings I have.  I still plan to use Tomorrow's War as the base rules, but might also take a look at X-COM Tactical for more of a "Marsy"  or Martian feel.  Having options is good, very good!

Once the Rebel and Khurasan orders arrive, I will have plenty of figures to work on for this Mars meets X-COM meets Krauts in Space "thing" I have twirling about in my mind.  Thank goodness the Greys/Martians will be fairly easy to paint, as I have enough camo schemes in my immediate future!

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  1. They're gorgeous miniatures and very near the top of my list for mini's to buy for 15mm Post Apocalypse and Star Wars style Blasters and Bulkheads gaming.


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