Tuesday, May 29, 2012

More New Ideas = More New Purchases

Some months ago I leapt into my second go-around with the MJ Figures 15mm Falklands War figures.  Yes, second go-around.  I had several packs of these castings a few years back, and decided to sell them.  The company that was producing them at that time seemed to disappear, so I took that to be a good reason to move them to another gamer.  However, with MJ Figures now controlling their own fate, so to speak, the Falklands minis are available again, and relatively easy to purchase (online ordering with PayPal).

MJ carry a decent selection for this conflict.  While at times the product listings on the MJ site can be, well, confusing, there are several packs that will cover most aspects of the ground fighting in the Malvinas.  The confusion stems from the fact that there are three packs of British Paras (packs FALK01-FALK03), but no description as to what differences there might be between each pack.  Also, code FALK08 is Argentine infantry.  Simple enough, except that if you were to order several of those packs, you might find an interesting surprise upon delivery...these figures are cast from the waist up to be used with FALK07, which are foxholes!

But, aside from these confusing points, there are several packs of British infantry (paras, Royal Marines, SAS/SBS, and Ghurka), packs of Argentine infantry (one for the foxholes mentioned already, one regular infantry pack, and one pack of Argie Special Forces), and some support asset packs (armored, artillery, an air defense).  My first order (of the second go-around) was for British Royal Marines, regular Argentine infantry, and Argentine Special Forces.  My most recent purchase is for more Marines and Argie Special Forces, along with a pack of SAS/SBS, one pack that is a British medical team, and a pack of penguins!

As mentioned, ordering is completed online, and shipping to the U.S. is 30% of the order value, but orders over forty British Pounds are shipped free.

I plan on taking some pics and writing some reviews on the figures soon!

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