Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Small Update

Having taken a quick look at Irishserb's and G Dog's blogs over the last couple of days, I realize that I need to get my gaming projects moving forward.  To that end, I want to start with the sci-fi project(s) first, both the Tomorrow's War project using mostly RAFM figures, and the X-COM-like project using the Eureka Germans to go against the Rebel and Khurasan Martian types.  This second project holds a higher level of interest right now, although I might design the project to use with both Tomorrow's War and X-COM Tactical. 

There is a new blog (Divided Future on Wordpress) that has some nice ideas for Tomorrow's War, some interesting factions have been created.  The owner, PMC317 on The Miniatures Page, came up with an idea I will be directly using for my Eureka Germans, and that is having nationality flags painted on his figures.  So, while a unit might be part of a certain faction or block, each individual will have his own nation's flag on his uniform.  I will use this for my Sword Brothers influenced faction.  Each figure will have an Austrian, German, or Swiss flag on his left arm, while having a Order's markings on his helmet and/or right arm.  I haven't decided on a uniform color scheme yet, but will either use white, gray, or black as the primary color.  Dark gray or black would allow the national flags and other markings to stand out fairly well.  And I might be able to avoid having to paint these on the figures by using decals instead, but more on that later!

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