Friday, February 28, 2014

Kafer and Crusty and Kra'vak...Oh My!

Okay, some questions for the esteemed readers of this blog...are the Crusties I see on the Ground Zero Games website basically Kafers from 2300 A.D?  If so, then would not the Ground Zero Kra'vak vehicles make more sense to use with the Crusty infantry than the Crusty vehicles?  Those Kra'vak heavy grav tanks and APCs certainly look like a Deathsled representation from 2300 A.D. to me.  So, would one use Crusty infantry with Kra'vak vehicles to represent the Kafers?

Or, are the Kra'vak a closer representation of Kafers?  The pictures of the Kra'vak infantry on the Ground Zero site are too small to be useful.  If the Kra'vak are the Kafers, then the vehicles make more sense!

As for the Marshborn Crusties in Tomorrow's War, are they not supposed to be Tomorrow's War version of Kafers?  And why didn't Ambush Alley Games, in their By Dagger or Talon supplement, expand on the Crusties as opposed to introducing an entire new alien race?  And would one think that the Kafers/Crusties would live in elevated homes, like the Marshborn Crusties do in TW?  I love the way those GameCraft Miniatures buildings look, but Kafers in 2300 A.D. (if Kafers and Crusties are one and the same) came from a planet that was so hot as to be unbearable for human life...doubting if they would have elevated homes!  But, if the GZG Crusties are NOT Kafers, then these questions are moot!

See, I told you I had questions!  I guess I am one of those who likes to follow a canonical approach to his sci-fi gaming.  One thing I wish Ambush Alley Games had done was to really give us even more canonical information/background for Tomorrow's War.  I realize they wanted TW to be used for any sci-fi setting, but folks, give me more to go on!  Spoon feed me!

Anyway, if folks can give me some answers or at least offer their opinions, I would appreciate the feedback on my Kafer/Crusty/Kra'vak dilemma!

And before I forget, RAFM is having a 25% off sale on their website.  No details as to how long it may be going on (even if one clicks on the Details box...there are no details to be had), but it is a great chance to pick up the old RAFM Citadel Striker figures for a song, along with those massive grav tanks RAFM has re-released.  Considering that the Striker figures are just as nicely sculpted as anything currently on the market (especially troops wearing armor) taking 25% off of their already reasonable prices is a great deal.  Use code 25OFF when checking out.  I have always had good service from RAFM, so order without hesitation...go on, get over there and order, but be sure to come back here when you have completed placing your order!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Oh No - More Purchases!

Venturan Trooper, picture from Eureka USA
I think I am sick, mental, deranged,'s not that I do not already have plenty of unpainted figures milling about, I just ordered some 15mm Eureka Venturans from Eureka Miniatures USA!  Padded room, here I come!

To be honest, I really like the Eureka figures I have purchased in the past (historicals and the sci-fi Germans).  They are always well-sculpted, proportionally correct, and animated, no matter who the designer may be.  The Venturans in this case look a lot like what I have seen for Traveller's Zhodani, so these will be figures I can see being used for more than just one project.  

My order was small, but with Tomorrow's War I like to keep the amount of figures appearing on the tabletop on the low side.  My tentative TO&E will be as follows:

1 x Officer
1 x Anti-Armor Team
1 x Auto Cannon
4 x Fireteams, each with
   1 x Leader with assault rifle
   2 or 3 x Riflemen with assault rifle
   1 x SAW

The anti-armor team and auto cannon will be optional assets.  The variable fire team size is because of the kneeling figures included with each infantry pack.  I am not a huge fan of kneeling figures if the rest of the team consists of moving and upright poses.

Transport for the Venturans is a question swirling about in my mind.  I do like the Top Gun Marketing vehicles, they have a Zho feel to them.  Some of the Combat Wombat Miniatures grav vehicles look pretty slick as well.  Whatever I settle on should be small enough to be affordable, yet should be able to "hold" 8-10 troopers.  If that is the case then I would need three transport vehicles, one for command and assets, and two for the four fireteams.

The Germans are covered in terms of transports.  I have a few of the very nice RAFM Imps (in German they would be called Kobold - for you D&D players out there).  

Now I just have to get crackin' and start painting!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Nothing New - Everything New

It has been MONTHS since I last logged into the Ambush Alley Games forum or even perused their website.  And because of that, it looks like I missed out on buying the first run of By Dagger or Talon (BDoT), the first Tomorrow's War supplement.  That sucks, because while Tomorrow's War does not have much canonical material in the core rules, By Dagger or Talon seems to expand the Tomorrow's War universe by adding an alien race.  I posted a message on the forum today about availability, and the fine folks who run AA replied already, stating that BDoT should be back in stock soon.

I have been doing a lot of web searching on Starship Troopers.  I read the book again last week and have thinking about a project in 15mm.  Seemingly there are A LOT of opinions about what figures to use for both the Mobile Infantry and the Bugs.  I will state that I unequivocally believe that the movies are a joke, and would want to find figures to represent the images in my mind of how both sides should look. Sorry guys, but the book clearly states there are four legs on each side of a Bug, and mentions that the Queen Bug is about the size of a horse (which means the other Bugs are smaller than a horse).  That pretty much wipes about about 95% of what gamers on The Miniatures Page suggest!

I've also been doing a bit of searching on Tomorrow's War figures, because Ground Zero Games are making official figures and they have some infantry that might also work for Mobile Infantry.  I am not certain if I want to use the Tomorrow's War canon (such as it is) and hence the Tomorrow's War figures, especially since I have plenty of RAFM Citadel Striker figures as it is.  But once I obtain a copy of By Dagger or Talon, my thoughts may change.  Ground Zero make some fine looking miniatures (there are so many great 15mm sci-fi companies these days) and the temptation to buy some runs strong.  But for now, I think I can fight the urge until I lay my hands on BDoT.

I've been playing a ton of Open X-COM, which is a cleaned up version of X-COM.  Was rolling along rather well, until the Cydonia mission.  Cleaned up the surface level aliens easily, but been having issues with those in the base.  Another crack at it tonight!  Still keep thinking about a miniatures project with X-COM as the basis.  Those lovely Eureka Miniatures sci-fi Germans keep calling out to me!

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