Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Nothing New - Everything New

It has been MONTHS since I last logged into the Ambush Alley Games forum or even perused their website.  And because of that, it looks like I missed out on buying the first run of By Dagger or Talon (BDoT), the first Tomorrow's War supplement.  That sucks, because while Tomorrow's War does not have much canonical material in the core rules, By Dagger or Talon seems to expand the Tomorrow's War universe by adding an alien race.  I posted a message on the forum today about availability, and the fine folks who run AA replied already, stating that BDoT should be back in stock soon.

I have been doing a lot of web searching on Starship Troopers.  I read the book again last week and have thinking about a project in 15mm.  Seemingly there are A LOT of opinions about what figures to use for both the Mobile Infantry and the Bugs.  I will state that I unequivocally believe that the movies are a joke, and would want to find figures to represent the images in my mind of how both sides should look. Sorry guys, but the book clearly states there are four legs on each side of a Bug, and mentions that the Queen Bug is about the size of a horse (which means the other Bugs are smaller than a horse).  That pretty much wipes about about 95% of what gamers on The Miniatures Page suggest!

I've also been doing a bit of searching on Tomorrow's War figures, because Ground Zero Games are making official figures and they have some infantry that might also work for Mobile Infantry.  I am not certain if I want to use the Tomorrow's War canon (such as it is) and hence the Tomorrow's War figures, especially since I have plenty of RAFM Citadel Striker figures as it is.  But once I obtain a copy of By Dagger or Talon, my thoughts may change.  Ground Zero make some fine looking miniatures (there are so many great 15mm sci-fi companies these days) and the temptation to buy some runs strong.  But for now, I think I can fight the urge until I lay my hands on BDoT.

I've been playing a ton of Open X-COM, which is a cleaned up version of X-COM.  Was rolling along rather well, until the Cydonia mission.  Cleaned up the surface level aliens easily, but been having issues with those in the base.  Another crack at it tonight!  Still keep thinking about a miniatures project with X-COM as the basis.  Those lovely Eureka Miniatures sci-fi Germans keep calling out to me!

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  1. I've got to get back to the AA site too; been doing a lot of nothing lately - just bits and pieces, with no plan...ho-hum...

    1. I have TOO many plans, and never seem to be able to put paint on a brush, but it won't stop me from collecting! Off to buy some Eureka Ventaurans!

  2. Khurasan has suits that are very book like, big suits with lots of weapons.


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