Thursday, March 13, 2014

Comparison Pictures

I've been promising some comparison shots of some of the various manufacturers, and I finally have taken some to post!  As you should be able to tell, some companies blend very well together, whiles others not so much.  Let's get started!

Left - The Scene's "not" Dutch Schaeffer, Right - Khurasan's "not" Predator
The Scene make a decent line of "not" Predator figures, sans the Predator himself.  All they are missing from Dutch's merry band is Ana, the captured guerrilla.  Dutch is a bit tall compared to the Khurasan "not" Predator, as the Predator was over seven feet tall in the movie.  However, heft wise they blend nicely.

Left - Khurasan's Martian overlord.  Right - Rebel's Martian
In an effort to do some sort of X-COM/Martians vs. Germans thing, I bought Martian types from both Khurasan and Rebel Miniatures.  Seeing them together leads me to believe that they will not work well together as the Khurasan figures are shorter yet still a bit heftier than the Rebel figures.  Both ranges are nice, with the Rebel castings looking more like what I envision X-COM Sectoids would look like in miniature, but they are too tall.  I'll have to make a decision on which figures to use, because I do like them both!

Left - Khurasan "not" Colonial Marins, Right - Khurasan "not" Alien
I had forgotten I had bought the Khurasan "not" Colonial Marines until I was doing some digging in a bin full of minis in the closet.  They are spot on castings for Hicks and company on a colony planet far, far away.  They are "squattier" than most of the other 15mm figures, but fit well with the "not" Aliens.

Left - Eureka Ventaurian, Right - Eureka German
Ah, the biggest disappointment comes from Eureka.  Not because these are not excellent figures - they most certainly are!  But because they do not blend well at all.  I was hopeful that as these were both billed as 15mm sci-fi that they would be compatable, but as you can see the Ventaurian towers over the German.  But I do enjoy the casting on both ranges, and will find some sort of use for them all!

Left to Right - RAFM low tech, Droyne, Marine, and high tech infantry
The old RAFM Citadel figures made for Striker are still going strong.  Available again from RAFM, the castings are crisp and sculpted nearly as well as anything in the last 25+ years.  The Droyne is too tall compared to the other castings, but overall the height and heft of all the figures match up well.

Left to Right - RAFM Droyne, Khurasan "not" Alien, Khurasan Martian, Khurasan "not" Predator, and Rebel Martian
Just a comparison shot of the various alien types.

Left to Right - Peter Pig US Marine, Khurasan "not" Colonial Marine, The Scene "not" Dutch Schaeffer, Eureka Ventaurian, and Eureka German
A comparison shot of the humans...I guess Ventaurians are humans anyway.

Left to Right - The Scene, Peter Pig, Khurasan, RAFM, RAFM, and RAFM

Another human comparison shot.  Hey, that Khurasan "not" Colonial Marine matches up decently with the others after all.

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  1. Thanks Buckeye- I was particularly interested to see how the Eureka Ventaurans matched up with other ranges, and luckily you picked some that I have and have thus answered the question for me. Ta!


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