Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Falklands Project Update

I've added a new page as a placeholder to assemble the info I need for the Falklands project (click on The Falklands Project above).  Right now it is just a listing of the MJ Figures I own, what I need to by from Time Cast Models, and the Force on Force order of battle.  Later I will add books and other resources as I redo this project (for the third or maybe fourth time).

What I do find interesting is the forthcoming range from FireForce or Old Glory UK (I guess, still trying to sort out the various names).  Not your typical Old Glory US "stuff", but nice looking castings from the pictures I have come across.  However, I will still stay with the MJ Figures range for now, and see if I can supplement missing items (snipers, etc.) with either QRF or Old Glory (if they blend well).

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