Sunday, March 30, 2014

More Bases Needed!

Perhaps I am getting old and the memory is going, but it seems to me that I keep running out of bases at inopportune times.  This week I wanted to start getting the MJ Figures Falklands War figures mounted and pictures taken, thinking I had plenty of bases as I recently received an order for two hundred 15mm circular bases from Litko.  Well, I do, sort of.  For my Force on Force/Ambush Alley/Tomorrow's War gaming I use 15mm bases for the grunts and 20mm bases for the leaders.  In 15mm this makes it relatively easy to discern leaders on the table.  Now, the MJ Figures are a bit larger than 15mm, but a standing or advancing infantryman still fits well enough on a 15mm circular base.  No problems, right?  Except, once again, I seem to have run out of bases...this time the 20mm ones I use for leaders!  And, in looking over the MJ packs, there are several figures that are in a prone position, so that neither a 15mm or 20mm base will work.  Off to the Litko website I go and place an order for 20mm and 25mm bases (yes, I still have plenty of 15mm ones...I hope).

Left - The Scene, Right - Khurasan
I still haven't decided on what size base to use with The Scene's "not" Predator range.  I've already placed Dutch Schaeffer on a 20mm base, as he was the leader of that little band of merry men, and the Khurasan "not" Predator is also mounted on a 20mm base.  But the rest of the team I haven't decided on.  As these figures will most likely be used with a different rules system, using the aforementioned methodology isn't as important.  So I can finish mounting these figures now, or wait for my most recent Litko order to come in.  Oh, speaking of rules, does anyone know a fun set already written for Predator?

Quite a difference, eh?
When I was painting more frequently (years ago now) my bases would be sheet styrene, painted with white glue, and then dipped into a tub of Woodland Scenics grass, sometimes with small bits of ballast mixed in for small stones.  This worked well enough for the periods I was gaming then (Civil War, etc.).  Now the plan will be to use a similar method, but instead of the Woodland Scenics grass, I am going to use the The Army Painter Battleground Basing and Battlefield Rocks.  I will still paint white glue on the bases and then dip into the the basing material, and then glue a few pieces of the rocks on.  Should make for a more aesthetic looking base than plain flat grass.  Each figure should stand out a bit, and having a more detailed and realistic base will help.

More to come...just gotta get those bases first!

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