Sunday, March 2, 2014

Really, Out of Bases?

What the frack?  I could have sworn I had a couple of packs of the Litko Aero round bases to mount figures on.  Yet, after pulling the figures, glue, x-acto knife, and file out of the closet to work on mounting figures for snapping pics of various manufacturers to post here for comparison purposes, I realized I was out of bases!  So, I've placed an order, and until the bases come in, the pictures will have to wait a bit.  I have been going through the various sci-fi figures I have, and doing a bit of eyeball comparisons, and really that some figures just are not going to play well with others.

I can say that 15mm certainly does mean a lot of different things to a lot of different sculptors!  Okay, don't tell me that people come in different sizes and hence we should have varying heights of figures...I get that.  My main issue would be the inconsistency in weapons and other equipment.  Whether I am taller than you or not, or carry more girth, the G-36 we carry should be the exact same size, should it not?  That has always been my concern with the industry, certainly make castings that vary a bit in height and heft, but let's see if we can't have some sort of consistency when it comes to the weapons.

I received my most recent order from Eureka Miniatures USA for a small amount of Ventaurans.  The service from Rob is excellent.  Placed my order, receive order confirmation, a few hours late I had a shipping confirmation, and then two days later my order arrived!  The Ventaurans by the way are excellent castings, but in no way, shape, or form will they be used with the Eureka sci-fi Germans.  Both in height and heft the Ventaurans are noticeably larger than the Germans.  But I will find some sort of use for them, trust me!

Anyway, in hold until the bases arrive, but once they do I will take some comparison pics!

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