Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tomorrow's War/2300 A.D./Falklands

I've been doing a lot of research and thinking, trying to come up with some sort of direction for Tomorrow's War.  The background information in the book is just enough to whet one's appetite, but not enough to have a full blown understanding of the Tomorrow's War canon.  Hopefully once I obtain a copy of By Dagger or Talon I will find more canonical background to go on, but I am thinking that may not be the case.  To that end I decided to purchase three more 2300 A.D. booklets dealing with the Kafers.  I already own the Kafer Sourcebook, and have ordered the Aurore Sourcebook, Invasion adventure, and Kafer Dawn module.  With the Colonial Atlas, Ground Equipment Guide, and Vehicle Guide already part of my library, these additional works will give me plenty of details and background info to start running some 2300 A.D. themed games.  Of course, I still need to decide what to use for Kafers (still think the Ground Zero Crusties look the closest, even if they do not have the carapace), but human forces are easy to replicate.  Using infantry and vehicles from Ground Zero Games, perhaps some vehicles from Brigade Models, and the year 2300 is covered well from the human side.

Pulled out the Force on Force rulebook last night and reviewed the Top Malo Falklands War scenario.   As Timecast Models make a line of Falklands War buildings, including Top Malo, and I already have those 15mm MJ Figures for the period, I thought this would be a nice small game to organize for conventions as well as my own group of gamers.   Last night: "Hmmm, let me go grab a book on the Falklands for more inspiration."  Then I realized upon heading to the bookshelves that I dumped all my Falklands War books, again!  I must have been in a cleaning frenzy and thought I would never get to gaming this period, and dumped the books at the local Half Price months ago!  But really, for the Top Malo scenario I do not need much more than a painting guide, so I can either buy a couple of Ospreys or find color plates online.  I did take a look at the Pendraken Falklands range last night, thinking 10mm might be fun to do, but they sell figures in packs of ten, all of the same pose, and really I would want one of each pose as opposed to multiples.  So, back to 15mm I go!

I've promised many pictures in the past, and have yet to post much of what I have promised.  As soon as I get those Litko bases I ordered, I WILL post pics of the sci-fi stuff (comparison shots) AND some detailed shots of the MJ Figures Falklands range.

I'll be quiet for a few days as I am heading to Chattanooga for an extended weekend.  Planning on hiking at Stones River first, then spend a lot of time on Lookout Mountain and at Chickamauga battlefield.  This is part of an annual study group that spends two days each March touring the Chickamauga battle and campaign, and has always been a grand time!

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  1. I think that GZG Crusties and the old Traveller Grav Tanks would work really well for the Kafirs. And you simulate the Kafirs strange reaction to combat and danger by improving their dice from D4 to D10 as the battle progresses.


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