Thursday, April 3, 2014

ClearHorizon Miniatures Hell Divers - NOT a Review

Alpha on left, Bravo on right
Recently mentioned on The Miniatures Page was a sale being held by ClearHorizon Miniatures, a new player in the 15mm sci-fi arms race.  I have been to the ClearHorizon website a few times, looking over their Hell Diver infantry, drop pods, and VTOL aircraft, but had not purchased anything simply because I did not need yet more miniatures to paint!  However, the mention of 15% caught my eye so after a few questions of MrHarold I decided to place a very small order which consisted of one Alpha Squad (twelve figures) and one Bravo Squad (six figures).  Alpha contains the command, SAW, and riflemen components, while Bravo has a sniper team and two AT teams.  By buying one pack of each I would have enough to field a small force for Tomorrow's War.  The pictures of the sculpts on the ClearHorizon website indicate that these are beautiful sculpts, so I ordered, sale code in hand, without further hesitation.

I placed my order Monday morning.  Shortly after placing my order I received notification that the order had shipped priority mail.  Sure enough, after arriving home yesterday, I had a package from ClearHorizon in my mailbox.  So, the ordering and shipping process had already left me impressed.  Let's see what the minis look like.

I opened my box to find some nicely done packaging, as well as an extra surprise.  The packaging is small, clean, professional, and probably looks great in a brick and mortar store.  I will admit, I have yet to open the packs themselves, but can tell that from a height and girth perspective that these figures match up very well with the Eureka sci-fi Germans I own, which means they will work well with most other 15mm ranges out there (see this post for some comparison shots of other figure ranges).  

The figures come with detached packs, meaning that one can add all, some, or none of the packs to the figures.  This allows even more variety is available to figures that are already individually unique.  Nice touch!

Unit card
ClearHorizon is making their minis and packaging them with the Gruntz rules system in mind, including unit data cards in the box.  I am not familiar with Gruntz as I believe it is on a larger scale than Tomorrow's War, and I really like the skirmish level that TW brings.  The Gruntz website mentions that the rules are skirmish level, but in looking at the unit cards with the ClearHorizon packages, I think the level must be more like fireteam/squad/section.  Mr. Harold is also working on his own set of skirmish rules as mentioned on his blog.

All in all, from a customer service point of view, ClearHorizon has started a great trend.  Hopefully they will be adding to their figure line and continue to provide a quality customer service experience.

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  1. Glad you like them so far, and that they got to you quickly! Looking forward to seeing how you paint them up!


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