Monday, September 22, 2014

Goodies From Abroad!

Today I received three packages in the mail, all filled with miniatures, all from the U.K.  No piccies today, I'll snap some tomorrow so folks can see some comparison shots.

First up, science fiction...Old Crow must make the most perfect vehicles I have even seen.  I bought two Trojan APCs (wheeled versions) along with a few packs of his 15mm infantry.  The vehicles are perfect, some sort of super resin I think, as there was not one hole nor miscast spot on either Trojan.  Amazing works of art, and includes my choice of missile rack, gun turret (think Marder), or plain hatch.  The infantry I will call the Peter Pig of the sci-fi world as they are small (but cleanly cast, detailed, and well-animated).  They might be close to the Eureka Germans I have in terms of height.  I might use these to go against the Germans if they blend well.  Regardless, the two APCs made the order shine, simply amazing quality.

More science fiction...several packs of Ground Zero Games 15mm!  I bought some colonial defense force, some Neu Swabian League packs, and some Crusties, taking advantage of the great "buy four, get one free" offer.  These figures are large 15mm, with a nice heft, and really some of the best sculpting I have seen on any 15mm figure, and that is saying something considering the quality of 15mm offerings on the market these days.  The Crusties will be used for dual purposes, portraying the Marshborn race from Tomorrow's War as well as serve as District 9 aliens, as let's face it, that seems to be exactly what they were intended to be!  The NSL figures will become some sort of German faction for Tomorrow's War, as will the colonials.

Last, a slew of Peter Pig Vietnam figures were in a rather long box.  I bought ARVN, U.S., VC, and Vietnamese peasants.  Not certain what rules I will be using yet, but Ambush Alley and Charlie Company are the front runners.  I might try to heavily modify Giac My to simplify the numerous die rolling that one must do in the original version of the rules.

Piccies tomorrow (hopefully)!

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