Friday, September 12, 2014

Ground Zero Games Buy Four Get One Free!

NSL Panzergrenadiers - Picture from GZG website
Damn, damn, damn...another sale from a great miniatures company.  Yesterday it was Peter Pig (15% off
sale) so I picked up several packs of Vietnam figures.  Today it is Ground Zero Games with what amounts to a 20% off sale...if you buy four packs you can pick a fifth pack of equal or lesser value for free.  I've never ordered from GZG, but have drooled over their science-fiction figures for quite some time.  The sale was enough to push me over the edge.

I ordered some of their Crusties, which in Tomorrow's War serve as the Marshborn (which have some 2300 A.D. Kafer characteristics and look amazingly like District 9 aliens).  I also grabbed some Neu Swabian League Panzergrenadiers and some of the Colonial Defense Force.  The NSL figures continue my affection for all things Germanic and will become my enhanced special operations forces for TW), and the CDF figures just look cool with their light armor, helmets, and more conventional weapons.  I did add one pack of the NSK power armor guys as to me they are the ideal Starship Troopers (book canon, not those crappy-ass movies).

No doubt with all the existing 15mm sci-fi figures I have I did not need to add more.  But the GZG castings are some of the nicest out there, and I just HAD to take advantage of the sale, didn't I?  (look, honey, I SAVED us 20% on these figures.  Great deal, eh?)


  1. I, too, love GZG stuff, but I can't justify more additions to the lead/plastic mountain...can I?

    1. Sure you can...think of the savings...that is the justification! :)


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