Sunday, September 14, 2014

Khurasan *Not* Predator

A couple of posts ago I posted about my collection of special forces for the Predator movie that I had completed painting.  The Scene makes some lovely figures that covers Dutch's seven man team that goes looking for Harper and his missing men.  I mentioned in that post that I would soon have the Khurasan predator completed, and here he is.  I finished this lovely little chap a few days ago.  I am rather pleased on how he turned out.  I have tried to give him that yellow-green skin
tone that the alien had in tone that the alien had in tone that the alien had in the movie, not sure if I captured that well, but regardless, I am glad to have this little project completed (at least from a painted figure perspective).  

Now I need to pick up some jungle terrain, which I need to do anyway for my Vietnam projects, and I will be able to run a Force on Force//Ambush Alley/Tomorrow's War scenario.

As with all my posts, clicking on the picture will bring up a much larger image.

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