Monday, September 15, 2014

Progess on the Painting Front!

Recently I was able to get a paint day in with my gaming buddy The G Dog.  I went north to his place with bare metal figures to prime, already primed figures ready to paint, bare metal figures to mount on bases, and vehicles to put together.  An ambitious amount of work on my part.  The good news is the paint day allowed me to get brush to figure for the first time in a long time, and I was able to work on the Eureka sci-fi Germans I have for either an X-COM or Tomorrow's War project.  These babies were already primed, so I just needed to come up with some sort of paint scheme for them.  I settled on some Vallejo German World War Two colors, but shied away from any camouflage.  I wanted the figures to reflect a bit of throwback, but also be easy for me to paint (I kept the breathing masks black as to give them an even more sinister look)  Therefore I painted up this platoon as follows (I still need to finish the bases obviously):

The entire platoon of twenty-eight figures - their organization is detailed HERE

Fireteam - two heavy weapons, two riflemen, one team leader

Platoon support team - rocket launcher and ammo carrier, heavy cannon, sniper team

The leader of the, platoon

Sniper team - the sniper is one of my favorite poses

Rocket launcher team - picture is a bit blurry

Rifleman, or whatever I make the typical small arms to be

BFG - big feckin' gun!

The heavy weapons for each fireteam

I was also able to get another RAFM Imp primed, along with priming the Peter Pig Iraq War Marines  for the Generation Kill project, the QRF post war West Germans for my Somali (Africa) project, and The Scene figures I have for Predator (which are now painted).  Priming figures in my condo is not an easy task as I do not have an area that I can freely prime figures, so having the chance to prime figures at The G Dog's abode really was something I had to take advantage of.  Now with all these primed figures I have plenty to work on for the next few weeks.  All in all a good day of accomplishment, and I look forward to the next painting session.

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