Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What ARE These?

Recently I picked up some assorted Peter Pig figures on eBay.  Well, at least I think they are Peter Pig figures!  When I compare them to other Peter Pig figures I have, they look spot on.  What is the issue?  The poses do not match any of the existing poses in either the AK47 or Men of Company B ranges, so I need your help.

It looks like there are two complete packs here, eight machine gunners and eight command figures.  They are wearing boonie hats, matching the Australians in the Vietnam range.  Some of the leaders are carrying something that looks like a FAL or G-3; again, that goes along with the existing Aussie Vietnam range.  But the actual poses do not match...there is no command pack listed for the Aussies.  

In looking at the AK47 range, while there are figures available wearing boonie hats and carrying SL rifles, and even while some of the poses are close, they simply do not match.

I am guessing these are Vietnam Aussies, older figures that for some reason are not being made any longer, but I need the esteemed readers of this blog to help confirm that.

Machine gunners on bottom, command across the top

Close-up of command figures

The three command poses

The three machine gunner poses


  1. Those are from the AK47 range- professional command and GPMG.

    1. Thanks, Barks, they are Peter Pig, but not the current figures Peter Pig offers in their AK47 range. Fatman from TMP answered with this:

      The above are old figures from Range 17 (AK-47) which have since been replaced with newer models. The LMG gunners are from 164.Professional LMGs, and yes it is a MAG. The others are probably from 163. Professional officers. I can't say for certain as I never bought that pack. Hope this helps.


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