Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sci-Fi Odds and Sods

Just some random thoughts....

First, I have given away my RAFM grav tanks and APCs to The G Dog.  Why?  I decided that while they are excellent castings, they just have a look about them that is far better suited for Traveller's Fifth Frontier War as opposed to the setting in Tomorrow's War or 2300 A.D.  While none of us may know what type of weaponry and vehicles we will have three hundred years from now, the grav aspect is one I personally have a difficult time getting my head around.  The G Dog will get good use out of them, as he has quite the collection for several thousand years in the future, while my collection is for a few hundred.

I am trying to limit my vehicles to such offerings as RAFM's Imps, Darkest Star's Scorpions, and Old Crow's Trojans.  These are all advanced wheeled APCs which have a look more in tune with my vision for Tomorrow's War and 2300.  Based on the fact I have four Imps, three Scorpions, and two (soon to be five) Trojans. I may pare down the force even more by perhaps moving the Imps out of the collection as well.  I have a few of the Combat Wombat vehicles, but again, grav just isn't doing it for me.  Also, part of what I want to put on the gaming table are small, specialized forces, so having a ton of very futuristic vehicles doesn't fit conceptually.  A few APCs should be quite enough.

For infantry I have a ton of figures to work on.  I need to rethink what I am doing here as well.  Do I use the Tomorrow's War "canon?"  If so, I would actually need to buy more figures to represent the various book factions.  I have Ground Zero Crusties to use for District 9 or Marshborn, but have none of the official human factions.  I did buy some of their colonial defense force and Neu Swabian League, and I really like their figures.  But I already have a ton of RAFM figures (high tech level, low tech level, Marines, and Droyne aliens), some Old Crow figures, Eureka sci-fi Germans, Rebel and Khurasan Martian types, and Khurasan *not* aliens and *not* colonial marines.  At the very least, while I am the first person to pimp out those great RAFM figures (decades later and they are still damn fine figs), they might have to be the first ones I part with.  Okay, I've decided...check the Bazaar page to see what I am selling.  If I move enough product, I can buy the official figures, or simply make a few bucks.  So, go buy early and buy often!

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