Thursday, December 4, 2014

Scoring Books at Half Price

I am fortunate to live within an hour of several Half Price Books locations.  Yesterday I headed to the second closest store and found some great buys, two books being directly related to the air war in Korea.

The first title is Combat Over Korea by Philip Chinnery.  My copy still had the shrink wrap intact, and had no description on the back cover, so I took a bit of a gamble on buying it, but am glad I took the risk.  Normally retailing in the States for $39.95, I picked up this new copy for under a ten spot.  Published in 2011 by Pen and Sword, it is an overall history of the war, with a war in the air focus.  There are many first hand accounts, not of the typical U.S. fighter jock, but also from those who served in air rescues, bombers, and helicopters.  And it is not just an American-centric book as other nations receive their due.  This is a great addition to anyone's library who is interested in the overall air campaign.

The second title I snagged is The United States Air Force in Korea 1950-1953 by Robert Futrell.  This edition is an updated version of the original, being published in 1983 by the Office of Air Force History.  Being an official publication, it is filled with facts and figures, and also has plenty of black and white photographs and maps.  Nearly 800 pages in length, it is also goes through the phases of the war, but from the U.S. Air Force's perspective.  The copy I was able to buy is in mint condition, as if I had ordered it directly from the Air Force.  Should be an educational experience once I delve into it.

My Half Price stores always seem to have a few Korean War books, but rarely anything so focused as the aforementioned titles.  I think it's time for another trip to my closest location to see what I can find!

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