Sunday, May 10, 2015

Recent Goodies

I had forgotten about this has been sitting in draft mode for months!

Having an Amazon Wishlist is a good thing....

The wife gifted me a couple of Korean War books for Christmas from my Amazon Wishlist.  Rangers in Korea by Robert W. Black and Air War Over Korea by Larry Davis were under the tree Christmas morning (along with some other non-Korean War books).  The first book is a history of the nearly twenty Ranger companies that served during the Korean War years, with details of training, weapons, organization, and combat history.  The second is one of those classic Squadron/Signal publications loaded with photos and graced with several color profiles.  Both titles will definitely enhance my Korean War library.

I have also ordered some tabletop accessories from Fight's On.  It was my second order from them, and in both cases they have had excellent communication and solid shipping time frames.  This time around I ordered some important items that would allow me to game some of the scenarios in the Korean War Check Your 6! book.  To that end I've added an airfield, bridge, light anti-aircraft, and maneuver/status markers to my existing parachute and damage markers.  Should make gaming a tad easier.

For myself I placed a small order with MiniFigs a few months ago and received in the post two wonderfully done 1/144 scale vehicles.  These aren't little blobs of metal with smashed wheels and a lack of detail, these are the CinC/GHQ of the 1/144th scale world.  Crisply cast, extremely detailed, perfectly proportioned, simply the best castings I have yet to see in 1/144.  I had ordered these only to review for the blog and to compare to the Panzer Depot and Pithead tanks I had previously purchased, but I have to say that the MiniFig offerings are my favorite by far.

The two vehicles I picked up from MiniFigs were the M26 Pershing (MiniFigs Code AV-18) and the T-34/85 (MiniFigs Code RV-05).  The Pershing is of four pieces while the T-34 is of six.  Let me get my one complaint out of the way now...there is a lot of flash left on the vehicles, big chunks of metal that need to be snipped off (see photos).  Part of MiniFigs' quality control should be to cut those chunks off before bagging up the castings.  Beyond that, these are the best 1/144th scale vehicles I have come across.  And the service from MiniFigs was excellent, coming from across the Atlantic in good time and not too outrageous of a shipping fee.  While I do not need vehicles for Fox Hill, I plan on giving the Marines a random chance to have a Pershing appear.  The T-34s I have will be used for a potential North Korean force, now that Pithead is making North Koreans in 10mm.

I'll snap some comparison pictures over the next few days and get them posted to the blog.

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