Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Taking Advantage

Picture from Ground Zero Games website
Ground Zero Games have released more 15mm sci-fi figures, and are also holding their 30th Birthday offer, in which one buys $47.00 worth of products and receives a grab bag of related goodies.  My buddy The G Dog I believe has taken advantage of this offer previously, and I believe he was quite happy with his grab bag contents, and while I certainly do not need more figures to paint, I certainly want more of the GZG offerings, and so am ordering some figures to move some of my sci-fi gaming into the "official" Tomorrow's War universe (known as TVerse in Ambush Alley Games vernacular).  

So, to that end, I am ordering a pack of Colonial Defense Force (to add to my existing colonials), three packs of Darghaur (those are some nasty critters), and four packs to create a Democratic People's Republic of Glory squad.  I already have some Neu Swabian League to use for a Germanic force, and Crusties to use for either District 9 or Marshborn.

I am eagerly awaiting my order from GZG to see what goodies I receive, along with the packs I have ordered, as GZG make some excellent science fiction figures!
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