Friday, November 13, 2015

A Bleak Year

After having a banner year in 2014 for posts to the blog, this post marks only the fifth entry in 2015.  Eeeck!  I simply must do a better job of keeping the blog rolling along.  I have been busy with gaming, mainly Wings of Glory, busy starting my own guided tour company (Walking With History LLC), and busy playing X-Com on the PC, so it's not that I am slacking with life.  I just simply need to pull figures from storage and get cracking, as that helps keep the blog active.

I did try to get the members of The Miniatures Page to create a Chaco War forum, alas it failed by a few votes.  But do not despair, we can still discuss about all things Chaco here if you desire!  And to get that rolling along, I have created a poll on the blog about the two companies who make Chaco War figures in 15mm (Khurasan and Irregular).  The latter company make a very complete range, including artillery, but the Khurasan figures seem to have better detail and animation to me.  You can share your opinion by voting and leaving a comment here.

1 comment:

  1. I know the feeling; my blog is flat lining at present due to the demands of work; although I am (just) remaining productive with an ongoing project...more to follow...good luck!


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