Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Tweaking a Predator Setting

Khurasan Miniatures *not* Predator
In Classified: Special Operations Missions 1940-2010 (Force on Force 8, Osprey Publishing/Ambush Alley Games, 2013), Jim Roots presents a scenario entitled "Bungle in the Jungle," an obvious attempt to garner the feel of the Predator movie within the context of Force on Force.  Within the scenario there are some elements not necessarily movie based, such as the thirteen operatives as well as the scenario layout itself.  To me, it doesn't quite have that movie feel.  However, the scenario does provide us with ideas and ratings on how to game-manage such an alien beast while giving us ratings on the special operators.  This post is simply some ideas on fleshing out the setting and bringing it a bit more inline, to my way of thinking, to the movie.

With the addition of Tomorrow's War, science fiction moves us from human vs. human conflict to one that includes the realm of different alien species with their unique abilities.  Taking these added rules and traits into consideration, we may revisit the movie and make adjustments as needed to bring the movie onto the tabletop with some modifications to the original work completed by Mr. Roots.  In no way is this a "shot" at his scenario; indeed he has completed all the hard work, allowing me to use his scenario as a framework to tinker with.

The Scene's Special Forces
Let's start with the special ops team (covered nicely in 15mm by The Scene).  In the movie, there are seven operators dropped into the jungle.  Along the way they encounter bad guys at their camp, and come away with one prisoner.  Therefore, a recommended change to the published scenario would be to reduce the number of humans from thirteen to eight.  Also, their weaponry is a bit skewed in the scenario, with far too many M16A1s present, along with a couple of M249 SAWs, which were not in the movie at all.  What is missing are the several MP5s the team carried, along with the M60E3, the Mossberg 500, and the wannabe Milkor MGL.  Therefore I believe the team should be equipped as the picture:

  • Crazed Native American - M16A1 and Mossberg 500 - Body Armor (+1D) (TQ/Morale: D8/D10)
  • Wise cracking radio dude - MP5A3 (SMG) - Body Armor (+1D) (TQ/Morale: D8/D10)
  • Team leader with funny accent - M16A1 w/M203 (Lt. AP:1/AT:0) - Body Armor (+1D) (TQ/Morale: D10/D12) (Hard to Kill, Close Combat Specialist: +1D in close combat)
  • Black guy that goes crazy - M60E3 (Med. AP:2/AT:0) - Body Armor (+1D) (TQ/Morale: D8/D10)
  • Latino dude - MP5A3 (SMG) and Milkor MGL (Lt. AP:1/AT:0) - Body Armor (+1D) (TQ/Morale: D8/D10)
  • Attached CIA man - MP5A3 (SMG) - Body Armor (+1D) (TQ/Morale: D8/D10)
  • Former SEAL, then wrestler, then movie "star", then governor, now whack job - MP5A3 (SMG) and M134 Minigun (Med. AP:2/AT:1) - Body Armor (+1D) (TQ/Morale: D8/D10)
  • Female prisoner - after capture never has a weapon (TQ/Morale: D6/D6) - By the way, if anyone can suggest a 15mm figure for the female prisoner, I would appreciate it greatly.
As for Mr. Alien, while I have yet to test the rules governing its abilities on the table, seemingly what is being suggested should work rather well. In looking through Tomorrow's War and the By Dagger or Talon supplement, there are some other characteristics I may want to consider for the alien, such as Burst Movement, Elusive, and Stealthy.

For the special ops team, one may add in such group or individual traits such as Human Spirit, Old School, Pointman, Stealthy, and Unpredictable.

I look forward to your comments and ideas regarding gaming Predator within a Force on Force/Tomorrow's War context.  Please feel free to leave comments below.


  1. Thanks the info, really helped. Tempted to get Tomorrow's War and By Dagger or Talon. I'd like see what you finally come up with for the Preator.

    1. The Predator has been rated somewhere already (not by me) and so I just need to take that work and tweak it. I think the characteristics I have listed above will work well and make Mr. Alien a tough opponent.


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