Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Building Southeast Asia - Part II

Here is the second building I have now constructed from Eleven Tree Designs (Code AS2).  I would say that assembly was very similar to AS1, with a few additional steps due to this being a two room building and having an L shaped roof.  The building footprint measures 3.5" square.

Just a few comments about the assembly process.

  • As before, dry-fitting the pieces helps to see how the model will go together.  While the pictures on the enclosed instructions are helpful, they are small and do not show all the details at times.  For example, one of the trusses is plain on both sides, and must be used in the interior portion of the roof.  
  • And as before, the apex pieces were missing but again I was able to fill in the roof crest with a bead of glue, so not a major concern.
  • The railing pieces for the upper base were once again of the incorrect lengths, but I think this model looks better withing them.
  • The thatch top pieces will need a bit of cutting as they were a bit off.

The above are minor quibbles...I am really quite happy with these gaming pieces.  I was asked on the Fields of Fire forum about sturdiness, and I think once the glue has dried you will find these to be very sturdy pieces for your tabletop.  They should not chip like resin can, and as long as they are used with some caution, should provide years of gaming enjoyment.

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