Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Moongrunt U.S. Marines - pic from GZG website
This post is mostly a placeholder for some research I am doing into some Lunar gaming...maybe.  I just love those Moongrunt figures from GZG, and have been looking across the World Wide Web for some gaming mats and other inspiration.  A post on The Miniatures Page has led to some moon surface gaming mats:

CorSec Engineering - Cloth, expensive. Two large sizes.
GameMatz - Affordable, vinyl, attractive.  Only comes in 3'x3', which I guess doesn't make it really that cost effective.
Hotz ArtWorks - Cloth, a bit more expensive with shipping from Canada, and Hotz suffers with slow delivery practices and less than stellar communication, but they do eventually deliver on their orders.

I also have some sort of Zuzzy mat that is mostly gray, heavy vinyl, and I believe it comes from their Ruined Land series, and while it does not have craters, it still looks decent for the moon surface.  

Rules would be small skirmish, probably something like Tomorrow's War, where everyone is pretty much tech level one.  

Damn nice brushwork, Ralph!
Here is how nicely the Marines can look when one has painting talent...painted by Ralph from the (Putting) The Colour Into Space blog.  I hate the bastard (not really of course)...such a good painter!

Another chap covering this "period" is the Blades and Blasters website.  Good stuff there to, mimic!

So, perhaps when GZG has their next sale I will order a few packs.  Right now there is just a basic infantry pack for the U.S. Marines and the Chinese, but there are more infantry and support weapons on the way.

UPDATE:  Another company making nice looking mats is Deep Cut Studio.  Their asteroid mat looks really suitable and comes in PVC, cloth, and mousepad options with different sizing choices.


  1. Replies
    1. 100% agree. Really great figs, and when they run a sale or special they really take care of their customers.

  2. Very nice looking figures! Worst case - they look like nice figures to use as armed star ship crew members, ala Firefly of possibly Battlestar Galatica. Or Traveller TL 7-9.

    If I stay focused the 15mm sci-fi project will float back to the surface in the later half of 2016.

    1. The rate you are going with your naval yards you are really having a productive 2016!

      I like the figs on their own, with their own "canon" as opposed to putting them into Traveller. But they would would be cool mid tech troops. Thinking closer to TL9-10 based on the weapon tech (laser rifles and low velocity grenade launchers).


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