Friday, March 25, 2016


Last summer I was fortunate enough to pick up some painted 15mm Vietnam Americans from either a marketplace ad on The Miniatures Page or via eBay, from a chap with the last name of Barnes. (see the irony?  Barnes?  Vietnam?  the movie Platoon?)  The attraction for me was the price for painted figures, the paint job on said figures, and the fact I really want to do some Vietnam gaming one day (with a focus on Koh Tang Island, part of the Mayaguez Incident).  The downside was these figures are a rifle platoon from Flames of War/Battlefront, which is not a company I would normally have in my collection (something about seeing "DBA for WWII" tourneys where Germans fight Germans seems very ridiculous to me).  But the price was indeed right so I completed the transaction and "Sergeant Barnes" shipped these little babies to me quickly.

The box arrived and was promptly opened.  There they were, carefully surrounded in bubble wrap, nicely painted little bundles of joy, ready to be added to based and used on the table.  Nearly fifty figures of goodness, a rifle platoon armed with M16s, M79s, M60s, and even a recoilless rifle.  These would be perfect for late war Marines, especially once I slap a bit of camo on their helmets.  

A couple of pictures show the nice work.  I was actually surprised at the quality of the figures.  Not saying I would ever buy any other Battlefront products, but I am certainly happy with this platoon.  They will go quite nicely with the Eleven Tree Designs buildings I reviewed some months ago.  Now to get Jimmi from Flashpoint to make some Khmer Rouge....

The full platoon

A close up of some of the figures


  1. They look good, but you know you need more...more...more...

    1. No, a platoon is plenty! Well, of course one could add ARVN, oh, and Aussies, and the small special forces group or, just going to stick with these and some Khmer Rouge once Flashpoint gets around to making them. :)


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