Monday, April 18, 2016

A Blatant Attempt to Steal Another's Work

The Greek battle cruiser Averof
Some months ago I picked up some 1/3000th scale ships to recreate the Battle of Lemnos (Greeks vs. Turks during the First Balkans War) from a chap on The Miniatures Page.  He in turn gave me info to contact another gamer to obtain some rules that would cover the period, simple enough to run at conventions, yet with enough historical flair to give the battle a period feel.  Those ships are still in their baggies, waiting to be mounted on stands and painted.  Living in a condo with limited gaming space, air and naval games appeal more and more to me.  So I believe it is time to start focusing on some of the naval actions I have collected ships for but have never progressed past the purchase phase.

In this particular case, in doing a bit of research, I came across this website, linked from the Battle of Lemnos WikiPedia page.  Thomo the Lost has done a great job with his work on Lemnos, I am not certain there is much more for me to do other than to steal his thoughts and get my ships painted!

Navwar Greek ships are HERE and their Turkish ships are HERE.

More on this as I pull the ships out, mount them to bases, and start to get them painted!

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