Wednesday, April 6, 2016


I have always enjoyed the James Cameron follow on to the iconic Alien movie with his own classic Aliens film.  I was able to get the director's cut of Aliens for Christmas and watched that version for the first time last week.  The additional scenes add so much more to the story - we get a few more quips from Hudson and the scenes with the remote sentry guns are very cool.

LET'S ROOOCK! - picture from the Khurasan website
Being a gamer, I have always wanted to put something together in an Aliens setting.  years ago I did own the old FreiKorps15 versions of the aliens (which are pretty decent castings), but never found a suitable Colonial Marine contingent.  But Khurasan Miniatures changed all that a couple of years ago when they released their own *non* Aliens figures, calling the xenomorphs demons and the Colonial Marines the Federal Defense Force, but anyone who knows anything about the movie can see the direct tie in the figures to the film.

I have ordered twice from Khurasan for this project (besides other orders I have placed with them).  The first time I was keeping it simple, just basic grunts for the Marines, but then I decided I needed sentry guns, more aliens, and more specialist types for the Marines.  

For rules, I have Tomorrow's War with its ability to customize alien races (particularly with the By Dagger or Talon supplement) and within Force on Force there is a xenomorph scenario that is definitely Aliens influenced.  I am also looking about for other rules that folks have come up for Aliens-inspired gaming, including the old Leading Edge Games Aliens boardgame and/or RPG.

Of course, like everything else I get into, there will be more on this in the future!


  1. For a different take, hunt down the novelization of Aliens written by Allen Dean Foster. I read that before the movie was released and always wondered what happened to the sentry guns.

    1. Other than the sentry guns, how else is it different? My mind is wrapped around the director's cut of the movie...I don't want to confuse myself with too many deviances from that. :)

  2. The novel is based on the full script - it's actually closer to the director's cut than the theatrical release. The web page gives a good summary of how it stacks up and the differences.

    1. Excellent, thank you for the elaboration. I have this now on my Amazon wishlist!


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