Thursday, April 21, 2016

DEVGRU, Round Two

Photo from Evil Bear Wargames website
So I have these nice 15mm DEVGRU figures I bought painted from Jason at Micropanzer, and I need to get them on the gaming table to go after some bad men, and soon.  It has been far too long since I have pulled out the 15mm terrain and gamed some Force on Force/Ambush Alley.  But something is missing from my DEVGRU collection, and that is transport.  I have been looking at the Evil Bear Wargames Panther, a command and control vehicle for the British Army, but one that has a cool look and can hold a fire team, plus it has a GPMG or an HMG for support.  But it is British and not really ideal for an American spec ops unit, right?

I posted on The Wargames Website (one of my new homes for gaming chatter) about vehicles suitable for the DEVGRU, and of course I overlooked the obvious...the DEVGRU are a Navy ops unit, so would either use amphibious vehicles or helicopters for transport.  But those Evil Bear Panthers are so cool and I want a couple!

Okay, so it is my gaming table and I can field whatever I like, right?  Why not do a little of both, have ground transport if I so desire for non-DEVGRU actions (still using the DEVGRU figures), and also have correct helicopter transport when using the figs as true DEVGRU?  Looks like I can.  Italeri make an MH-X Silent Hawk in 1/100th scale, just like Seal Team Six used for the raid on Bin Laden.  High tech stealth, holds a couple of fire teams, perfect!  It is die cast, ready to use, and decently priced.  Perhaps a change of the stand to a more realistic flight stand and BAM, there solves the DEVGRU's transportation woes!  All that is left is to go place a couple of orders!

Found this website that covers the DEVGRU's choices of weaponry.  No mention of the Mk. 14 EBR, but the HK-416, and Mk. 46 are mentioned.


  1. Replies
    1. The link in the post will take you straight to the Flying Mule website. $15.00 to me seems to be a very reasonable price!

  2. joint operation? go ahead and use the panther vehicle because it looks cool. most special ops can use whatever gear they want.

    1. You are absolutely correct...Spec Ops has the ability to use about anything, so I think in this case it will be two Panthers and one chopper!

  3. "A more realistic flight stand"? I've never seen a real helicopter flightstand so I can't tell what it should look like! :-D

    Joke aside! Great blog, I've been thinking along the same line for my "Special Targets Reconnaissance" teams: Khurasan DEVGRY, Italeri MH-X but I think I'll go with Rebel Commanche for the wheels!


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