Monday, June 20, 2016

Oh, the Horrids!

Horrid soldiers - pic from Ravenstar Studios website
No, not "oh, the horror" but the Horrids.  A alien race created by the evil mind behind Ravenstar Studios, which not too long ago ran a nice sale on their figures.  I am always on the lookout for small companies making 15mm sci-fi to add to my Tomorrow's War gaming,  One, with sci-fi I can be as silly as I want to be when it comes to alien races, although I do lean towards hard sci-fi.  Also, I can offer a variety of forces (and hence attributes to tinker with) as opponents for my various human factions.  And last, I like supporting the little guy.  So, while I certainly did not need to buy any figures, I did jump in and ordered five packs of the Horrid soldiers from Ravenstar's Landcore range.  The other Horrid offerings did not spark much interest, but I thought the soldiers looked pretty cool.  Scary to the human eye, and armed with high tech weaponry, a perfect combination for a child's nightmares.

It did take a few weeks to receive my order, but to make up for the delay in shipping, I received several freebies which included extra Horrid soldiers...a LOT of Horrid soldiers.  That was a nice gesture by Chris at Ravenstar to offset the delay I experienced in receiving my goodies.

What shocked me was when I did receive my order and came to realize the figures are made from resin of at least two colors!  I was not expecting that at all, and I did not come across any reference to resin being used, as opposed to metal, on the Ravenstar website.  It really is of no matter as the figures are sharply cast and will need just a touch of cleaning before priming, but for some reason I just assumed that the Horrids were made of metal.

Now, let's rate these bad boys for Tomorrow's War....

Standard weapons are part of the soldier, or perhaps he is inserting his hand and arm inside the weapon.  I am thinking these weapons interface with the soldiers bio make-up, perhaps the soldier thinks about what to shoot and the weapon reacts.  If this is the case, then the Horrids may possess an advanced weapons technology compared to the humans in Tomorrow's War or at least they have the ability to interface with their weapons, which may result in higher accuracy and/or faster response.  There is a small of stature overlord sans weapon, so I am guessing there may be some sort of psychic control going on.

Let's see, let's try the following characteristics from Tomorrow's War and By Dagger or Talon:

Designated Marksman
Heightened Situational Awareness/Reflexes
Hive Mind

Those four should be a good start, and I can always tinker with the Unit Attributes if necessary.

As for painting, I am going to do a very simple scheme.  Prime in white, wash with burnt umber, perhaps dry brush a fleshy gray, and paint the weapons black with a steel-colored drybrush.

Just out of the bag and ready for cleaning and priming

The figures are fairly cleanly cast, with just a touch of some resin "flash" to clean up.  They range in height from 11mm for the little overlord dude up to 15mm (foot to to of head) for the grunts.  They carry a variety of weapons, from small hand guns to "rifles" to heavier squad weapons (including a shoulder launched weapon) to a "sniper rifle."

All in all these are an interesting batch of figures from Ravenstar and if you are looking for something a bit different, give them a look-over.


  1. Oh ya! They are great figures! I have some of the larger monsters too and use them for Colony 15 as either added hazards on the table, or as THE enemy. I believe Chris is making some smaller versions of some of the beasties as well.

    1. I really like the soldiers as they seem to be a bit more hard sci-fi as compared to the other Horrid offerings. Plus, I have over fifty of the soldiers now, which is PLENTY of Horrids! :) They should make a good enemy force for the Black Brunswickers (your Federation figs).

  2. I like the horrids.
    I really need to reduce the lead mountain so I can order a load...


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