Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Old Crow Models Trojan APC - Build and Review

Yet another purchase from some months ago that has been waiting for me to work on.  I had actually built one of these 15mm Old Crow vehicles last year, but never posted about it nor took pictures.  I had two more awaiting assembly, and so thought here was a great time to post a review and share some pictures of the Trojan APC.

With just a few pieces to assemble, the build process is very simple.  Glue the six wheels on (using the tab in the wheel well to create perfect spacing - see picture below), choose a weapon mount (choice of an auto cannon, a missile launcher, or forego the mount and use the included hatch), and you are done.  If you would like, add some stowage as the top of the APC is very clean and has plenty of room for such customizing.  I went with the auto cannon as I feel it is the best look and no self respecting APC should be without some sort of weapon system.

The tab helps space the wheels evenly within the wheel well

The quality of the resin is very high, with no imperfections (i.e. bubbles).  The wheels and hatch cover are resin while the weapon mounts are metal.  Another superb model from a small manufacturer.  With the various sci-fi human factions I have I am not certain where I will use these vehicles, perhaps with my Eureka Germans or really anything needing some transport for low tech incursions.

Length - 68mm.  Width - 31mm.  Height (with weapon mount) - 33mm.

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