Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Slap Miniatures Global Defence Forces

Ground Zero Games, Slap Miniatures, Darkest Star Games, Ravenstar Studios
Some months ago I participated in a Kickstarter fundraiser for a company called Slap Miniatures.  They were offering a range of 15mm sci-fi figures in which each figure would be unique.  My level of support was rather small, just a squad of troops and a a weapons team.  I received my order from Slap this past week.

The figures are very nice.  The riflemen are carrying a scoped rifle with what appears an under-slung grenade launcher.  The figures are wearing helmets and a bit of what is probably meant to serve as ballistic armor.  Poses are widely varied, with standing, advancing, kneeling, and shooting all included.  One or two of the poses are a bit odd with how weapons are being held, and one pose in particular is standing with one hand practically holding his crotch - perhaps another weapon being held?  This is my rifle, this is my gun....

The proportions are superb, and casting is super clean.  The figures are cast with a round 13mm base that is probably large enough to forego any other basing needs, although I will be adding a Litko 15mm base to my grunts.

The weapons team has one figure I will not be using, and that is the assault trooper.  Looks a bit too much like fantasy sci-fi with his bladed weapon.  But as I was a Kickstarter supporter I did receive a couple of extra figures, including an extra machine-gunner, which will work nicely with the unit organization I came up with.  The weapons team also includes a rocket launcher, auto grenade launcher, a sniper, and a comm figure.  The comm figure will serve as the squad's CO, with the sniper as part of the squad HQ and the other weapons parsed out to the fire-teams.

Ground Zero Games, Slap Miniatures
I would offer two "complaints" - First, the figures are tiny compared to any other 15mm sci-fi range that I have seen on today's market.  The figures barely measure 15mm from sole to top of the helmet.  Therefore, they are practically unusable with any other figures being produced.  Having said that, it is actually refreshing to have a company do a bit of scale reversal.

The other complaint is retail cost.  A pack of thirty figures (each one unique) is $22.43, making each figure .75 cents!  That sort of price is more in line with the larger 18mm figures, not smaller 15mm figures.  However, based on the fact that one probably would not buy more than a pack of infantry or a pack of specialists, the one time hit is not as shocking to the wallet.  I would like to see Slap offer fire-team and squad sized packs as this would probably help overcome the sticker shock some may have with pricing structure.

These are fine figures, and once Slap comes out with an opposing force, figures that are probably worth the investment.


  1. Yes, I can side that review. Beautiful figures, but sadly a little small compared to Khurasan and Ion Age.
    They do fit great with my old Laserburn not-Street Judges though, and look nicely dwarvish in comparison topower armored troops.

  2. Thanks for the in-depth review of the GDF there and joining in on the Kickstarter :)

    The guy holding his crotch is actually holding binoculars. However holding his crotch is far more amusing... I included the fantasy sci fi assault guys as I wanted officers for an Imperial Guard army if I were to ever use them for such a setting.

    As for the height... I honestly thought that was what 15mm figures were. The few sets of '15mm' figures I'd brought as I liked the look of them were roughly the size of the GDF. I would like to create their foe in the same scale for the GDF however at the moment the amount of work that goes into it and the return is too slim. Especially considering the fact that no one wants that size of trooper.

    As for squad sized packs I'll get round to it.

    Lastly, there is a %30 off sale using the code slap on the webstore. Plenty of well-priced minis and not so jarring at less then 75 cents per figure!



    1. Hi Stu - I hope you did not find my review to be too harsh!

      Alas, the scale in today's world is 15mm sole of foot to eye (and sometimes even taller than that). Old school figs would have been measured 15mm from base to top of head, but those days are long gone I'm afraid.

      I hope that an OPFOR will still be forthcoming otherwise it will be difficult to find a figure range that matches. If you have suggestions for current offerings, please let me know!

      Squad packs will be good, and so is having the 30% discount code!



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