Monday, September 26, 2016

Curse You Ground Zero Games!

Picture from GZG website
Today I went to go take a look at the GZG website to see their new vehicle for their Moongrunt offerings, and before I could even get that far, I came across new figures for a new faction for Stargrunt.  Now, I don't do Stargrunt per se, but do use Stargrunt figures for my own nefarious gaming.  And I really like the looks of this new Stargrunt faction (OutRim Coalition - see picture).

With the deal, one buys an eight figure pack for the normal eight figure pack price, and two free SAW gunners are included.  I love this idea as a) it cuts down on the extra SAW gunners I always wind up with, b) it gives me five-man fireteams which is concurrent with modern German forces that I "base" some of my gaming on, and c) they are FREE figures included in every pack!

According to the GZG website, this is a limited offer (receiving the two extra figures), so I guess I better go order a few packs!

Hmmm, I never did find that Moongrunt vehicle....

UPDATE - I went forward and ordered a couple of packs of these OutRim Coalition figures as well as some packs of the Moongrunt infantry (both US Marines and Chinese).  Couldn't pass up the ten figure packs for the OutRim releases...worked out to .32 cents per figure (before shipping) for some great quality 15mm sci-fi.  No idea what I will do with the OutRim figures, other than some sort of Germanic based faction (hmmm, Swiss...could look cool with little patches of red squares and white crosses on some sort of dark combat uniform).  The Moongrunt figures should be fun, and I have terrain for the Moon, having bought a dark gray Zuzzy mat and handmade sci-fi buildings from Micropanzer some time ago.

Friday, September 23, 2016

A Review and Build of the Irishserb VBL

Both versions assembled
Sometimes it is good to have talented friends....

Recently I made a trade for some Irishserb 15mm vehicles.  It was a good trade in which I was able to obtain some pretty cool mostly Cold War period vehicles to use for Lord knows what (most likely some sort of African warlord brew-up) but the figures I had I wasn't using and I knew Irishserb would be more likely to get them on the table, so we worked out a deal.  I shipped off my Old Glory Boxer Rebellion 25mm Germans and a short while later I received a goodie box with several vehicles I selected from Brian's offerings.

.50 cal VBL
I put together the two VBLs I selected, one being a recce model with a GPMG and the other having a big honking .50 cal.  

The VBLs come in nine (recce version) and ten pieces (.50 cal version, which has an extra hatch cover you do not need to use so really it is a nine piece kit).  The vehicles are beautifully cast in a lightweight resin.  There is very little mold flash, what little is there flicks off with a fingernail as it is so minimal and so thin.  The detail on the vehicles is superbly crisp and exacting.  There are no resin bubbles to be seen, making these extremely well cast models, something I believe Irishserb takes pride in.

Showing the tabs to align the wheels
Assembly was fairly simple, and would have been easier with a bit of fast setting superglue, but what I had took a bit longer to set so I built these over two evenings.  Starting with the wheels, I glued them into place and made sure to align them using the tab showing in the picture to the right.  Once they were set I added the hatch covers and hatch ring.  The GPMG was a bit fiddly as you just glue it on top...there are no slots or tabs, but I think I have it pretty close to actual...good enough for gaming certainly.  I added the ammo box and feeder to the .50 turret, then filed down the bottoms of the wheels a bit to flatten them out.

Assembled recce version
Cost per VBL is only $5.00, one of the best bargains for resin 15mm vehicles currently on the market.  

Irishserb is not taking orders until October, but you can check out his wares in the meantime on his website.

Assembled .50 cal VBL

Monday, September 19, 2016

Another Use for Chaco War Figures

I was perusing the world wide web in search of figures for South America or the Caribbean during the Banana Wars period, and came across a mention on a gaming site about perhaps using Chaco War figures for opponents for U.S. Marines during the 1920s and 1930s.  That is one Gran Chaco of an idea! (pun intended)

Paraguayan infantry - Pic from Khurasan website
While I sold my Irregular Chaco War figures a few months ago, I still have a few packs of Khurasan Bolivians and Paraguayans that could face off in a three way affair with my Eureka Marines and sailors (and of course the China gunboat I brokered from The Virtual Armchair General).  The Paraguayans are a bit more like local militia in their appearance, which might be a nice pro gringo force, and the Bolivians, aided by the evil Germans, look a bit more regimented in their appearance.  I don't have terrain that quite fits, while I have arid terrain I use for a variety of periods, I am not sure what to do quite yet to add a river to the tabletop that will hold the monster gunboat.

For rules I do have a couple of options.  I did work on rating the two Chaco War combatants using Force on Force (see this post), and years ago I put a bit of polish on Greg Blake's Yanks Up the Yangtze which was written to cover the gunboat period in China (and you can find a link to the latter rules at the top of the right column on this blog).  I am fairly certain that YUTY has rules to cover gunboats and moving the setting to South America should be fairly easy.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Darkest Star Federation

Oh boy, I am stoked!  I was able to purchase twenty-eight painted Darkest Star Federation troops from Jason at Micropanzer and they arrived in the post this weekend!  Not only are the figures very well-painted, but the price was excellent!  I have always had good dealing with Micropanzer so if you ever see him selling wares from not only his website but other various forums out there, buy without hesitation.

The figures make up two thirteen-man squads, with two extra figures to boot (so I guess I will be doing fourteen-man squads).  They are painted in a dark blueish gray, so dark I might be able to use them for my Black Brunswickers project, but then I would need to tinker with them to give them some Brunswicker blue distinctions, and I do not want to take the chance of messing up an excellent paint job, so who knows what they will be used for.  Oh who cares, really, because they are so nice regardless of how they are used!

The figures have a mix of weaponry, such as advanced combat rifles, particle beam rifles, Gauss rifles, combat carbines, plasma rifles, and rockets.  Very Travelleresque in feel.  I am fairly certain, based on the other offerings from Darkest Star, that the intent is to create *not* Traveller figures.  The Venturians are much like Zhodani, and the Garrhul are very much like Vargr.

Anyway, I digress.  The bottom line is that I have some really nice figures for a really great price that are ready to deploy to the tabletop!
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