Monday, September 19, 2016

Another Use for Chaco War Figures

I was perusing the world wide web in search of figures for South America or the Caribbean during the Banana Wars period, and came across a mention on a gaming site about perhaps using Chaco War figures for opponents for U.S. Marines during the 1920s and 1930s.  That is one Gran Chaco of an idea! (pun intended)

Paraguayan infantry - Pic from Khurasan website
While I sold my Irregular Chaco War figures a few months ago, I still have a few packs of Khurasan Bolivians and Paraguayans that could face off in a three way affair with my Eureka Marines and sailors (and of course the China gunboat I brokered from The Virtual Armchair General).  The Paraguayans are a bit more like local militia in their appearance, which might be a nice pro gringo force, and the Bolivians, aided by the evil Germans, look a bit more regimented in their appearance.  I don't have terrain that quite fits, while I have arid terrain I use for a variety of periods, I am not sure what to do quite yet to add a river to the tabletop that will hold the monster gunboat.

For rules I do have a couple of options.  I did work on rating the two Chaco War combatants using Force on Force (see this post), and years ago I put a bit of polish on Greg Blake's Yanks Up the Yangtze which was written to cover the gunboat period in China (and you can find a link to the latter rules at the top of the right column on this blog).  I am fairly certain that YUTY has rules to cover gunboats and moving the setting to South America should be fairly easy.

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