Saturday, September 17, 2016

Darkest Star Federation

Oh boy, I am stoked!  I was able to purchase twenty-eight painted Darkest Star Federation troops from Jason at Micropanzer and they arrived in the post this weekend!  Not only are the figures very well-painted, but the price was excellent!  I have always had good dealing with Micropanzer so if you ever see him selling wares from not only his website but other various forums out there, buy without hesitation.

The figures make up two thirteen-man squads, with two extra figures to boot (so I guess I will be doing fourteen-man squads).  They are painted in a dark blueish gray, so dark I might be able to use them for my Black Brunswickers project, but then I would need to tinker with them to give them some Brunswicker blue distinctions, and I do not want to take the chance of messing up an excellent paint job, so who knows what they will be used for.  Oh who cares, really, because they are so nice regardless of how they are used!

The figures have a mix of weaponry, such as advanced combat rifles, particle beam rifles, Gauss rifles, combat carbines, plasma rifles, and rockets.  Very Travelleresque in feel.  I am fairly certain, based on the other offerings from Darkest Star, that the intent is to create *not* Traveller figures.  The Venturians are much like Zhodani, and the Garrhul are very much like Vargr.

Anyway, I digress.  The bottom line is that I have some really nice figures for a really great price that are ready to deploy to the tabletop!


  1. They do look good. Darkest Star and Odzial Army are my favourites among 15mm SF troops at the moment.

  2. I was going to pick up some Odzial figures when Recreational Conflicts was having a sale on them, but I waited around too long and the packs I wanted sold out. They are good looking figs as well, at least in the photos I have seen. Really near future sci-fi. Along with Darkest Star there are several really great companies out there. I do love the GZG offerings. And really, the old RAFM Stiker figures are holding up rather well considering how old they are.


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