Saturday, October 29, 2016

Taking Advantage Again - Figures and Painting

Chinese infantry - picture from GZG
Although I placed a recent order from GZG a few weeks ago, they are having their classic buy four get one free offer through Halloween, so I decided to take advantage of no VAT, a low exchange rate, and the offer of a free pack to add to the Moongrunt project.  Five packs of figures on their way from Old Blighty to the United States for $19.99 which includes shipping.  A pretty good deal!

With the forces I am organizing, I needed some additional Chinese to create more squads which will give the Chinese a larger force, which in my mind as based in some history seems logical.  I will have enough figures for four squads of Chinese to go against four fire-teams of Marines.  

Khurasan DEVGRU painted by Micropanzer
With my inability to leave figures lying about on the dining room table in various stages of painting (for some reason the wife likes to have the dining room table cleared for dinner...go figure!), I have decided to hire out a professional painter to complete the Moongrunt project.  As I really like the style of the painted figures I have purchased from Jason at Micropanzer, I contacted him via Facebook to see if he was doing any commission work.  Within a few minutes I had a reply to my message that indeed he was getting back into the painting business, so once I receive my pending order with GZG I will come up with some sort of scheme ideas and send the figures off to Jason.


  1. I've been eyeing of Moongrunt for some time also and am keen to get cracking with it (probably with TW as well), though I am tossing up using an alternative location- Mars! How is your project going? Got any painted goodness back from Micropanzer yet? Looking forward to seeing what you did with colour schemes. cheers, Paul

    1. Well, the project is halted...I received the figures of course, very nice they are, but have not sent them out for painting! As for color schemes, I was going to let Jason at Micropanzer come up with something, but I would suggest to him something bluish for the Americans and something redish for the Chinese. Not entirely in either color, just some sort of highlighting...could be the helmet or the pack.

    2. So have they got any paint on them yet? :-)
      No, mine haven't either!....


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