Sunday, February 26, 2017

Twilight 2000 Blog

It has been some time since I have done much of anything on the gaming front, but a new blog by Jason Weiser has sparked some interest in some Cold War gaming.  Years and years ago some of my gaming buddies and I were involved with a Twilight 2000 campaign.  It was great fun, even though some of our actions were a bit unrealistic, and then there was that damn horse that one of our female players just HAD to drag along everywhere (so many times we tried to kill off that horse...accidentally of course).  

With the recent spate of Cold War figures hitting the market, it might be time to do some small scale gaming.  And Jason's blog is covering the gaming aspect of T2000 very well, including a great article on 15mm figures that would be suitable.

Another excellent site that has a plethora of T2000 information (mostly equipment data) is this one from Paul Mulcahy.

And having some of the Oddzial Osmy "little green men" would lead me to believe that their Cold War Polish would be excellent figures for T2000.  Excellent quality for the money, and available Stateside from Pico Armor.

Time to pull out the rules again....
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