Sunday, May 28, 2017

Tracked or Hover?

While perusing the Darkest Star Games site, I came across their (somewhat) recent releases of 15mm armor for their Federation sci-fi faction (think Traveller).  I really like the look of the Python/Cobra MBTs, but wanted to know what you thought of going tracked vs. hover?  While I would be using these (if purchased) for far future gaming (at least 2300 A.D. style if not Fifth Frontier War), I really like the look of the tracked versions as opposed to the hover options.  They remind me of World War II German light tanks for some reason (think Czech 38 and its many variants within the German Army).

Piccies of both:

What would be your choice, and why?


  1. You answered your own question when you said you really liked the tracked version.

    Me, I'd go with hover. They have mobility and speed advantages over tracked vehicles. They would be disadvantaged on steeper slopes and if something needs to be towed or physically pushed (woods). But the strategic advantage of being able to deploy directly from ships and use rivers as highways has great appeal.
    Not grav takes would be best, assuming an economical parity.[i.e. if it's ten tracked vs. 5 hover vs.1 grav, I'll take the tracked]

  2. I'm leaning towards the hover version myself mainly due to the fact That I already have enough tracked equipment....) I'm thinking of mixing in some stuff from Brigade miniatures with these from their Mercenary Brigade stuff. I think they would flesh out these nicely....)

  3. I'm not really that familiar with your proposed setting, but have some basic views with respect to the technology involved. Hover means air cushion vehicle, a relatively simple technology for light, fast vehicles. They can be bigger or smaller, and have to move more or less corresponding air. More mobile, but in some ways more fragile than wheel or tracks, and more readily a replacement for wheels, than tracks in a harder science environment. I have serious engineering questions about the integrity and protection of the plenum for heavy combat vehicles, at least in the forms usually depicted.

    Anti-grav is a totally different creature, extremely energy hungry, high tech, floating on some sort of generated field or particle stream(s). Maybe a better replacement for tracks, possibly with limited variable altitude "flight" capability by focusing anti-grav beams or streams under the vehicle at significant energy cost (for example, maybe recce vehicles can pop up to tree height for sighting and overcoming obstacles , but at much slower speeds?), or at shallow height, able to "float" very heavy vehicles, probably with energy sucking high tech weapons.

    For me it is a pragmatic issue, fit the technology to the resources/setting/race/technology/application. I think that it is just a matter of being consistent within your own setting. If there is no need to concern yourself with costs/resources, etc., then just do what feeds you. Have fun with it, whatever the approach.

  4. I like 'em both. The tracked chassis really screams "Hetzer" due to the front slope.

    I could see the hover versions getting use in my FFW setting on Feri (low grav / dense atmosphere) as a lot of the complaints about hover are mitigated with that combination. If I remember the Traveller fluff - hover and ground vehicles are restricted to their planet or origin/intended use as they were customized for that environment. Grav vehicles had more flexibility - but also tended to cost more. So planetary defense forces tended to be more tracked/hover/wheeled while the mobile off world forces tend to be more gravitic in nature.

    Good solid looking model, regardless of what you choose.

  5. So what's your verdict? Inquiring minds want to know! ;)

    1. Darn, I just don't know. I think tracked as I just think they look cooler, which means I need to get an order placed...gotta any deals coming soon? ;)

    2. Sadly, not any time soon, probably not till November.

  6. LOL, no worries from my end, just asking! I have decided on tracked, so I'll get an order in tonight.


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