Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Banana Marines - Mounted

The Marines, with only half the riflemen showing
It has been some time since I have written about the Banana Wars or China Marines, and so I think it is time to get this project moving a bit.

I have had several packs of the excellent Eureka Wake Island Marines for some time, and pulled them out last night to start working on them.  After mounting what I felt to be a suitable force I actually wound up with more figures than I need (is that a thing?), so I am selling off* my still-in-bag extra figures as I have plenty to take on what ever opposition they may encounter.

This is what I have:
Sixteen riflemen with Springfield
Two BARs
Three Thompson SMGs
Three Lewis guns (one will be used on the gunboat for air defense, even though the bad guys don't have any air assets at the moment)
One medium mortar with crew
One Boys ATR
Two officers

Plus the following US Navy sailors:
Four riflemen
Three SMGs
Two officers

Supported by a Richard Houston gunboat (thanks, TVAG!) and a couple of Futura Grumman F3Fs, the Marines (and sailors) offer a heck of a force pool to chose from.  I will probably work up some sort of chart that will allow me to randomize the American forces as putting them all on the board at once is probably going to overwhelm the bad guys.

About that opposition - I was hoping to find suitable Chinese to do the Sand Pebbles thing as I also have the Eureka U.S. sailors, but the Eureka Chinese don't quite have that movie feel, so I am going with my Khurasan Chaco War figures and Eureka Filipinos instead, and moving the Sand Pebbles to the Caribbean.

* - 16 riflemen, 3 Thompson SMGs, 1 Boys ATR, 2 officers, and 2 BARs. - $15.00 retail, will sell for $10.00 which includes shipping.  Email me at preds81.ds@gmail.com.  United States buyers only.

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