Sunday, November 12, 2017

Getting Ready - Mounting Some Vietnam Figures

Platoon HQ - Second in command, RTO, platoon LT
I bought some 15mm Vietnam Americans from a chap some time ago, and left them sit in the box used for shipping until today when I decided to get them mounted on stands.  This of course couldn't be an easy chore when I realized that the M60 gun teams were not going to fit onto a 20mm round base, so off to the Litko website I went to order some 25mm and 30mm round bases.  The other troops (except for the recoilless team, two LAW grunts, and medic with casualty) I was able to use my standard mounting of leaders on a 20mm base, and grunts on a 15mm base.  Once I receive my order from Litko I'll texture the bases with some grit and plop down a couple of bushes to finish them off.

The figures are the Flames of War Army platoon, and seem to have a couple of extra M60 gunners, at least based on the Ambush Valley U.S. Army infantry platoon structure.  

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