Sunday, November 26, 2017

Indochina - The North Korean Advisors

Infantry with squad leader, and officer to far right
A couple of years ago I picked up a few packs of the Eureka North Koreans for the Korean War as I was, at the time, trying to decide what scale to game the ground war (see blog post).  I have since decided not to game the ground war, focusing on air combat, but I was going through some of the lead pile today and decided to get these little gems out and placed on bases.  Alas, I cannot seem to find these figures on either Eureka site any longer, so I am glad that I have the ones I do.  

I picked up a couple of infantry packs, a heavy machine gun and crew, a pair of officers, and a medium mortar.  The infantry pack had one leader (same leader as for the mortar crew), six riflemen, and one artillery crew member holding a shell.  A bit of an odd throw-in, that artillery crew member; the pack would have been better served with a sub-machine gunner.

The figures have that same high quality one comes to expect from Eureka.  Very little flash is evident, and a quick file across the bottom is pretty much all the prep work needed for basing onto my standard of 15mm round bases for grunts and 20mm round bases for leaders, weapons as needed.  

HMG and medium mortar
What do I plan to do with the figures?  Use them as "advisors" for my Indochina project, just for fun.  I guess it wouldn't be a huge stretch to see another communist entity sending military advisors to Indochina, although I do not believe it ever happened in the case of the North Koreans.

Now I have even more figures to base-prep and prime!  With colder temps coming on, priming outside (which really means on my condo balcony) is not in the cards, so most likely this winter will be spent doing a lot of Gesso brush priming. 


  1. Excellent/ I've always fancied doing Indochina, only in 10mm with the Pendraken figures. Might have to re-think!?

    1. Pendraken certainly make some nice figures, but I think there are some great choices in 15mm from both a figure and terrain perspective. Check out the Ambush Alley/FNG - Vietnam page here on my site for some resources.


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