Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Adding Terrain - Novus Design Studio

There was a post from the owner of Novus Design Studio on The Wargames Website offering a Cyber Monday sale, so on November 29th I took advantage of the 30% and free shipping in the U.S. and ordered a ready to play 15mm Old World fountain.  While probably more suited for a European setting, it will still go rather nicely with my Middle Eastern terrain.  Novus offers one other 15mm and three 28mm fountains in their ready to play range.  They also carry unpainted terrain (buildings and such) in three sizes.  

I received the fountain, boxed with plenty of packing peanuts for safety, on December 5th.  The fountain measures 3.25" by nearly 3.5", and is nearly 2" tall.  The quality of the resin is high, with no bubbles or holes.  Clear resin appears to have been used to create a water effect in the holding pools.  It makes for a nice center piece for any tabletop village.

Figures are Khurasan's DEVGRU

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