Monday, January 29, 2018

Modern Austrians - Part IV

Olive drab green, or...
Unit structure - I am still tinkering around a bit with the fireteam/section/squad structure.  Including the GPMG at the fireteam level seems to be a bit of overkill, and I do have a couple of extra SAW figures I could use and replace the GPMG.  Have to give that one more thought before reaching a final decision.  I would still have to purchase a few more figures to create a few of the seven man sections mentioned in Part I as I did not purchase any LAW carrying figures from Eureka (or Carl Gustavs and sniper teams for that matter).  

...tan with green equipment?
Uniforms - I made mention of uniform choices in Part I, but now it is time to get a bit more serious.  While searching the interweb for uniforms I have come across a variety of possibilities, but the solid olive drab green uniforms are pictured the most.  I was thinking about painting up one squad in tan and the other in olive, although the latter would be most likely used in a more temperate/Euro environment and I do not have enough terrain or the OPFOR for that type of game setting.  Therefore, most likely I will go with a plain tan to use in an arid climate, much like the second picture (I do like the offsetting green helmets and body armor).

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