Saturday, March 31, 2018

Grunt at the Moon

Just a short post with a piccie or two as I prep my GZG Chinese Moongrunt figures.

Heavy pulse laser and two laser riflemen with grenade launhers
Unlike most GZG infantry packs, the Moongrunt packs are of six figures instead of the usual eight.  This because there are two sprues of packs in each pack that need to be cut from the sprue and glued onto the back of each figure.  The figure has a small hole in the back and the pack has a small pin for fairly easy alignment.

The Chinese are organized into three man cells, with three cells making up a squad, with the addition of a squad leader.  Each cell has two riflemen with a laser rifle/grenade launcher combo, and the third man carries a heavy pulse laser.  (see my Moongrunt Ratings for Tomorrow's War post).

One squad of three cells, with a squad leader
In total I have four squads organized in this fashion.  I have yet to purchase the rocket launcher pack for either the Marines or the Chinese as I just do not have a use for six of these for each force, but mostly likely next time GZG runs a special I'll grab a pack of each.

Of course, being GZG figures, the quality is high while sold at a very reasonable cost (these figures are 58 cents each due to being in packs of six; a pack of eight infantry would yield a cost per figure of only 42 cents.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Bazaar Updated - Added 15mm Sci-Fi

In an effort to pare down the madness a bit, there is a widely varied offering of figures and magazines now updated on the Bazaar page.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

White Dragon MTU

A couple of piccies and some thoughts on these figures that actually arrived several days ago.  That is the first thought...from order date to arrival was just a week and a half, excellent shipping time from the U.K. to the States.

Casting is...interesting.  As you can tell by the pictures, the figures are cast by fireteam with a lot of resin being used for the base piece.  I am wondering if White Dragon could cut costs by reducing the amount of extra resin being used for that piece.  While it might be neat to see the name of the unit on that bar, it is very unnecessary and about half the resin used is going to be tossed in the bin.

The figures are excellent, some of the most realistic proportions I have seen, particularly when it comes to the weapons.  That also might be a downfall as the rifle barrels are thin, and one will have to be careful when removing the figures from the base piece so as to avoid weapon breakage.  I am hoping that once removed from the base that a coat of Gesso will help protect the weapons, but as an added precaution perhaps only game with these figures with fellows you know will be more careful in use.

There is a nice round base on each figure, but the base is only 12mm in diameter, so a bit small (for me at least) to use as is, so these figures will be mounted onto some Litko bases.

There is some flash on some of the figures, but as these are resin the flash is easily removed with a flick of the X-ACTO knife.

Standing figures measure about 16mm from sole to eye, and with their correct proportions I would rate them a 16L on the Barrett Scale.

Monday, March 5, 2018

New Vietnam Blog

A new blog has made an appearance, and in this case the blog is focused on 15mm Vietnam gaming.  I am looking forward to following the exploits over at Boots on the Ground - Eleven Bravo's in Vietnam,

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Novus Design Studio - Russian Buildings

A few weeks ago I took advantage of a sale at Novus Design Studio for some resin 15mm Russian/Eastern European buildings.  As I am a sucker for quality buildings, a sale, and buildings that have lift off roofs (a must for the amount of skirmish level gaming I want to do), I just HAD to buy them, right?  

The buildings are cast in high quality resin, no bubbles or incomplete casting.  They are fairly large buildings as well (the workshop for example is about 4" square and 2.25" tall), which is even better for skirmish level gaming.  

I can see these being used in a few settings, including X-COM, Cold War, and modern conflicts.

A couple of piccies of the workshop, with a Khurasan Late 21st Century figure for scale purposes.

Comparison Shots

A few comparison pics showing the Khurasan Alien Invasion and Late 21st Century figures recently purchased for use as X-COM proxies (since I have been playing the old version a lot recently).  Two types of aliens, one for the sectoids and the other for the mutoids mentioned on my Tomorrow's War page.

The figures are excellent.  The humans share similar styling to the Peter Pig modern U.S. Marines.  Not as chunky, I would rate them as 16M on the Barrett Scale, meaning that they are of medium heft and measure 16mm from sole of foot to eye.  There is one advancing pose that is a bit off, one leg hiked in the air like a dog leaving his scent (not shown in the picture).  There was also some flash between the legs on some of the figures, which I found to be a bit odd for newer castings.

The war caste aliens, which I will use as Mutoids, are 14M on the Barrett Scale.  The science caste aliens (which will be the sectoids) are 13L.  I like the fact that the war caste figures are a tad taller and slightly heftier.

The first picture shows the section organization.  Two fireteams, each team with two riflemen and two energy weapons, led by a section leader.

The next picture shows a science and war caste alien with a human.

Lastly we have the aliens shown for comparison.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

White Dragon Marine Tactical Unit

Picture from White Dragon website
Why?  Because I got bored at work.  Lord knows I do not need any more 15mm sci-fi figures, but I decided to order a few of the White Dragon Miniatures Marine Tactical Unit figures just to check them out.  Made in resin, purported to stand 17mm tall, the detail looks amazing (from the website pictures).  Put the word Marine next to a figure and I am a sucker.  Put a bit of a background (canon) in place and I can't resist.  Give me a good price for shipping from the United Kingdom and I am sold.  

Therefore, I picked up one each of the infantry teams (Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie) along with the injured pack (gotta have one of those to denote wounded and killed, right?). 

Alpha and Bravo have four riflemen, one SAW, and one designated marksman.  Charlie has the heavy weapons assets - two man portable missiles, assistant gunners, and two riflemen. 

What will I use them for?  Who knows?  My Zombiesmith Aphids need some opponents, but the Aphids are kinda cartoonish.  That could be the hook, the serious looking Marines and the Howard the Duck looking Aphids.  
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