Saturday, March 31, 2018

Grunt at the Moon

Just a short post with a piccie or two as I prep my GZG Chinese Moongrunt figures.

Heavy pulse laser and two laser riflemen with grenade launhers
Unlike most GZG infantry packs, the Moongrunt packs are of six figures instead of the usual eight.  This because there are two sprues of packs in each pack that need to be cut from the sprue and glued onto the back of each figure.  The figure has a small hole in the back and the pack has a small pin for fairly easy alignment.

The Chinese are organized into three man cells, with three cells making up a squad, with the addition of a squad leader.  Each cell has two riflemen with a laser rifle/grenade launcher combo, and the third man carries a heavy pulse laser.  (see my Moongrunt Ratings for Tomorrow's War post).

One squad of three cells, with a squad leader
In total I have four squads organized in this fashion.  I have yet to purchase the rocket launcher pack for either the Marines or the Chinese as I just do not have a use for six of these for each force, but mostly likely next time GZG runs a special I'll grab a pack of each.

Of course, being GZG figures, the quality is high while sold at a very reasonable cost (these figures are 58 cents each due to being in packs of six; a pack of eight infantry would yield a cost per figure of only 42 cents.


  1. Replies
    1. GZG make some excellent figures. I think the Moongrunt range to be some of their best work.


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