Saturday, March 3, 2018

Novus Design Studio - Russian Buildings

A few weeks ago I took advantage of a sale at Novus Design Studio for some resin 15mm Russian/Eastern European buildings.  As I am a sucker for quality buildings, a sale, and buildings that have lift off roofs (a must for the amount of skirmish level gaming I want to do), I just HAD to buy them, right?  

The buildings are cast in high quality resin, no bubbles or incomplete casting.  They are fairly large buildings as well (the workshop for example is about 4" square and 2.25" tall), which is even better for skirmish level gaming.  

I can see these being used in a few settings, including X-COM, Cold War, and modern conflicts.

A couple of piccies of the workshop, with a Khurasan Late 21st Century figure for scale purposes.


  1. Replies
    1. Indeed! I picked up all four of the Russian offerings (house, peasant house, workshop, and animal pens)...they are all of good quality.


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