Thursday, March 1, 2018

White Dragon Marine Tactical Unit

Picture from White Dragon website
Why?  Because I got bored at work.  Lord knows I do not need any more 15mm sci-fi figures, but I decided to order a few of the White Dragon Miniatures Marine Tactical Unit figures just to check them out.  Made in resin, purported to stand 17mm tall, the detail looks amazing (from the website pictures).  Put the word Marine next to a figure and I am a sucker.  Put a bit of a background (canon) in place and I can't resist.  Give me a good price for shipping from the United Kingdom and I am sold.  

Therefore, I picked up one each of the infantry teams (Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie) along with the injured pack (gotta have one of those to denote wounded and killed, right?). 

Alpha and Bravo have four riflemen, one SAW, and one designated marksman.  Charlie has the heavy weapons assets - two man portable missiles, assistant gunners, and two riflemen. 

What will I use them for?  Who knows?  My Zombiesmith Aphids need some opponents, but the Aphids are kinda cartoonish.  That could be the hook, the serious looking Marines and the Howard the Duck looking Aphids.  


  1. These look good; but resin? Do you think they are durable enough, I have visions of snapped barrels...

    1. I hear ya. Full report once they arrive and hopefully the quality of the resin is such that snapping is not an issue.


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